SVEPM Conference & Annual General Meeting of the Society 2023

March 22nd to 24th Toulouse, France
The AGM No. 42 is scheduled for March 23rd

Chair of the Local Conference Organiser:
Timothée Vergne

Please enjoy the advertising film  provided by the LOC.

Contribute to the next conference!

You might want to read the President invitation letter (DOCX, 37 kB)  or the Call for abstracts (DOCX, 73 kB) .

Abstract submission

Please feel encouraged to submit an abstract. Abstracts can be submitted only via the online submission and only until August 31st (no extension possible). Abstracts which do not comply with the subsmission specification will not pass the automatic screening. Therefore, please recognise the step-by-step guide (PDF, 87 kB)  to the online submission  procedure before you start the process.

Poster & Poster pitch

SVEPM accepts all posters as contribution to the conference which adhere to the Poster presentation guidelines (DOC, 181 kB)  and having a presenting author attending the conference. Moreover SVEPM conference format allows limited number of Poster-pitch (PDF, 204 kB)  presentations to the delegates. Poster submissions and applications for poster pitch presentations will be recognised along with registration procedure.


The conference programme will host several workshops. In order to propose a Workshop for next SVEPM conference please download, complete and reply the SVEPM Workshop Proposal Form (DOCX, 30 kB)  before August 31st this year.

Bids for 2025

The Society accepts offers to host the SVEPM conference and the AGM in 2025 onwards. In order to propose a future Conference location to the Committee please download and use the Conference Proposal Form (DOCX, 29 kB)  at any time but before August 31st this year.

Bursary Awards

SVEPM offers up to three bursary awards to eligible candidates. The bursary covers conference registration and accommodation. Should you wish to apply, you need to send the application form (DOCX, 38 kB)  to the Honorary Secretary no later than 15 December. Your application will be evaluated by two members of the Committee and you will be notified of their decision by 15 January.

The ideal candidates will be:

  • Applicants based in European or Mediterranean countries that are not usually well represented at the conference, followed by those based in non-European countries where funding may be difficult to secure;
  • Applicants who are training towards a higher degree (e.g. Masters, Doctorate, Residency), followed by those newly employed in the veterinary epidemiology and public health fields;
  • Applicants who are SVEPM members (but non-members can also apply!)
  • Applicants who have not previously been awarded an SVEPM bursary

Bursary recipients must register for the conference and provide proof of self-financed travel arrangements no later than January 31st.

Furthermore, they must bring a poster (if they are not giving an oral presentation) to the SVEPM meeting and acknowledge SVEPM for the award on the poster/presentation. If they do not have a scientific study to present, they can create a poster describing a topic of interest in their home country, such as epidemiology training for veterinarians, a veterinary public health issue or likewise.

You can download the application form here (DOCX, 38 kB) .


For further information and upcoming news please visit the website of the local organisers .