The Mission

Our mission is to enable professionals to meet and share knowledge to improve the health of animals, humans and the environment

The activities of the Society are managed by the Executive Committee which is constituted of members of the Society on a rotational basis.

The Executive Committee

President: Ann Lindberg Uppsala, Sweden
Senior Vice President: Hans-Hermann Thulke Leipzig, Germany
Junior Vice President: Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen Frederiksberg, Denmark
Honorary Secretary: Rob Chrisley Liverpool, UK
Honorary Treasurer: Marnie Brennan Nottingham, UK

Committee members

David Brodbelt London, UK
Francisco Fernando Calvo-Artavia Zoersel, Belgium
Marie McIntyre Liverpool, UK
Gerdien van Schaik Deventer, The Netherlands
Bart van den Borne Bern, Switzerland
George Gunn Inverness, Scotland (co-opted)
Arvo Viltrop Tartu, Estonia (co-opted)


Proceedings Editors

Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen Frederiksberg, Denmark
Ann Lindberg Uppsala, Sweden