34. Annual Meeting 2016, Konventum, Elsingor, Denmark

Liza Rosenbaum-Nielsen & Tariq Halasa

Poster prices were awarded to

Giulia Paternoster: A risk index to evaluate Avian Influenza viruses introduction by wild birds 

Ana Carolina Antunes: What to look for when monitoring animal diseases? 

Søren Saxmose Nielsen: Dairy farmers' compliance with culling recommendation in paratuberculosis programme 


33. Annual Meeting 2015, Gent, Belgium
Jeroen Dewulf & Koen Mintiens

Poster prizes:
Arianna Comin: Data-driven stochastic modelling of Salmonella Dublin infection in dairy herds 
Henriette Brouwer: A prediction model for claw health in dairy herds 
Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen: Risk factors associated with Mycoplasma bovis outbreaks in Danish dairy herds 2010-2014 

32. Annual Meeting 2014, Dublin, Ireland
Simon More & David Collins

Poster prizes:
Aurore Palisson: Quantification of the Transmission Risk of Bovine Tuberculosis by Cattle Trade 
Katherine Adam: Retention of Veterinary Surgeons in Farm Animal Practice 
Geraldine Lammers: Synchronisation of E. Coli O157 Shedding in an Australian Grass-Fed Beef Herd 

Read: Advancing thinking in veterinary epidemiology and preventive medicine  Article published in Veterinary Record 174:496. doi:10.1136/vr.g3279

31. Annual Meeting 2013, Madrid, Spain
Beatriz Martinez-Lopes

Poster prizes:
Ana Antunes: Estimating dog population in Maio Island, Cap Verde 
Timothee Vergne: Towards a better understanding of the transmission of African Swine Fever 
Luis Pedro Gomes do Carmo: Exposure assessment of ESBL in meat 

30. Annual Meeting 2012, Glasgow, UK
Tim Parkin

Poster prizes:
Name Title
Name Title
Name Title

Conference website  Workshop details and programme:

29. Annual Meeting 2011, Leipzig, Germany
Hans-Hermann Thulke

Poster prizes:
Name Title
Name Title
Name Title

Read: Why attend vet conferences? , by Dan O'Neill

Article first published in Veterinary Times (Issue 41-39 Oct 3rd 2011)
Conference website  incl. Workshop details, programme and photos

28. Annual Meeting 2010, Nantes, France
Christiene Fourichon & Thierry Hoch

Poster prizes:
Name Title
Name Title
Name Title

Read Epidemiology and the giant elephant , by Julian Drew Article first published in Veterinary Times (Oct 11th 2010)

26. Annual Meeting 2008, Liverpool, UK
Kristien Verheyen & Dirk Pfeiffer

26. Annual Meeting 2008, Liverpool, UK
Gina Pinchbeck & Robinson

25. Annual Meeting 2007 Dipoli, Finland
Virtala & Lis Alban

24. Annual Meeting 2006, Exeter, UK
Edmund Peeler

23. Annual Meeting 2005, Nairn, UK
George Gunn

22. Annual Meeting 2004, Martigny, Switzerland
Katharina Stärk

21. Annual Meeting 2003, Warwick, UK
Laura Green

20. Annual Meeting 2002, Cambridge, UK
James Wood & Richard Newton

19. Annual Meeting 2001, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
Ed van Klink

18. Annual Meeting 2000, Edinburgh, UK
Michael Thrusfield & Dominic Mellor

17. Annual Meeting 1999, Bristol, UK
Laura Green

16. Annual Meeting 1998, Ennis, Ireland
Dan Collins

15. Annual Meeting 1997, Chester, UK

14. Annual Meeting 1996, Glasgow, UK
Stuart Reid

13. Annual Meeting 1995, Reading, UK
Andrew Paterson

12. Annual Meeting 1994, Belfast, UK
Frazer Menzies

11. Annual Meeting 1993, Exeter, UK
Keith Howe

10. Annual Meeting 1992, Edinburgh, UK
Michael Thrusfield

9. Annual Meeting 1991, London, UK
J. Jones

8. Annual Meeting 1990, Belfast, UK
S. McIlroy

7. Annual Meeting 1989, Exeter, UK
Keith Howe

6. Annual Meeting 1988, Edinburgh, UK
Michael Thrusfield

5. Annual Meeting 1987, Solihull, UK
Michael Thrusfield

4. Annual Meeting 1986, Edinburgh, UK
Michael Thrusfield

3. Annual Meeting 1985, Reading, UK
Michael Thrusfield

2. Annual Meeting 1984, Edinburgh, UK
Michael Thrusfield

First Annual Meeting 1983, Southampton, UK
Gareth Davies & Michael.Thrusfield



Arianna Comin: 'Data-driven stochastic modelling of Salmonella Dublin infection in dairy herds