Since the 1995 conference held in Reading, the Society has awarded Honorary life memberships to members of the Society, in recognition of the individual’s contribution to the field of veterinary epidemiology, preventive medicine and economics.

The individuals who have received the award so far are:

  • James M. Booth
  • Michael J. Clarkson
  • Dan Collins (deceased)
  • Peter Cripps
  • Gareth Davies
  • Jack T. Done (deceased)
  • Roger G. Eddy
  • Peter R. Ellis
  • Edward A. Goodall
  • George Gettinby (deceased)
  • Keith S. Howe
  • Martin E. Hugh-Jones
  • Wayne Martin
  • Frazier Menzies
  • Kenton Morgan
  • Alex M. Russell
  • Mike V. Thrusfield
  • John Wilesmith