At the annual SVEPM conference different prices are awarded to best contributions to the plennary and poster sessions. Below the awards are introduced and past winners named.

SRUC price awarded to the best plennary presentation by early carreer researcher

(Definition and conditions to be placed here)

Year Winner Titel of presentation
2017 Matteo Crotta Quantitative Risk Assessment of Campylobacter in broiler chicken - assessing interventions to reduce the level of contamination at the end of the rearing period
2016 Kaare Græsbøll How few pooled tests are needed to detect a single positive sample?
2015 Pranav Pandit Dynamic between herd model for Q fever spread in dairy herds to quantify the impact of different transmission pathways at regional scale
2014 Laura Falzon A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Factors Associated With Anthelmintic Resistance in Sheep
2013 Fernanda Dórea Syndromic surveillance in veterinary medicine using laboratory submission data – lessons learned from two systems
2012 Anne Relun Estimation Of The Relative Impact Of Treatment And Management Factors On The Prevention Of Digital Dermatitis By Survival Analysis

Poster price awarded to the three best poster presentations

Three best posters will be awarded a prize and certificate at the annual conference.
The Committee members will judge the posters during the conference. The prizes is presented by the President during the conference dinner.
Poster judgers will rate the following criteria:
    • Scientific merit
    • Visual impact
    • Readability and 
    • Compliance with SVEPM poster preparation guidelines

Arata Hidano:
Anna Irene Vedel Sørensen:
Ricardo Alexandre Pinto Lopes: Title
Nick Beckley: Assessing mother-cub Mycobacterium bovis transmission in badgers
Lisa Boden: Horse location and movements within mainland Great Britain
Mary Flook: Slaughterhouse sampling as part of Johne’s disease control in Scotland
Kathrin Büttner: Trade Contacts In The Pork Supply Chain-Characterisation Of The Network Topology
Jenny Stavisky: Characterising The Un-owned Pet Population In The UK
Francisco Calvo Artavia: A Case-Control Study Of Risk Factors For Bovine Cysticercosis In Danish Cattle
Karine Chalvet-Monfray: Risk quantification of arthropod-borne disease in link with meteorological data
Timothée Vergne: Simulation of capture-recapture methods as a new tool to assess animal disease surveillance: application to FMD outbreak reports in Cambodia
Malcolm Hall: Diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of test procedures for Renibacterium salmoninarium in rainbow trout
Raphaelle Metras: Pilot study for the implementation of a traceability scheme for small holder poultry farms in Northern Vietnam
Nils Toft: Guidelines for establishing the prevalence of paratuberculosis
Clara Marce: Transmission assumptions in paratuberculosis models
Franz Brulsauer: BVD prevalence in Scottish beef suckler herds
Jenny Frossling: Analysis of the reproductive performance in Swedish breeding cats
Thierry Hoch: Quantifying the horizontal transmission of Coxella burnetii, a causative agent of Q-fever, in dairy herds
Ruska Rimhanen-Finne: Characteristics of rabies exposures in Finnish inhabitants
Darren Green: Patterns of Atypical Scrapie in Great Britain
Simon Gubbins: The basic reproduction number for bluetongue virus